Wellston Loop Community Development Coronation
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To uplift the community and commercial district by being a significant player and partner in the redevelopment of the Wellston Loop and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Our vision is a physically, emotionally and environmentally healthy community.

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Our belief is “development” must first do no harm, be holistic and abide by specific ethical standards and transparency.

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WLCDC facilitates community events, brings healthy food, income producing projects, and cultural enrichment to the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King and Hodiamont.

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"Along with two peers, I supported the development of an affordable farmers’ market in a St. Louis food desert by creating a 10' by 40' mural, organizing community events such as barbeques and nutrition classes, and inviting community-members to join in the painting process. We applied for, and received, a Gephardt Institute Small Change Grant for the project and engaged in other fundraising efforts.

We collaborated with Wellston Loop Community Reconnect, whose mission is to uplift the community of the Wellston Loop area by making healthy food more accessible.”

— Laura Ancona,
Art Direction
, Human-centered