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Safety and Security is crucial to the health and development of a community.

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  1. Community Policing side by side with health care/social workers all trained to de-escalate violent situations

  1. Domestic violence and child abuse prevention

  2. mediation services

  3. “Stop the Bleed” training and kits with Narcan distributed to businesses, churches, etc.

  4. Nuisance property ordinance not used to penalize residentskk for calling police or as a development effort to acquire property

  5. Traffic control measures put in place (speed bumps, etc.)

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  1. Stabilize the historic Wellston Loop Building Now!

  1. Residents have expressed desires for an ice cream shop, burger joint, or library. It’s been neglected long enough!

  2. Address vacant LRA properties- pay local people to maintain lots, assess insurance costs for neighbors living adjacent to vacos and include neighbors in development of these properties.

  3. assist neighbors with home repair funds prior to issuance of code violations

  4. Build modest homes to support working class Black Home Ownership

  5. Support for residents at Hope House and Wellston residents loosing their homes

  6. Assess infrastructure (water, sewer, gas, electric, streets, sidewalks) to ensure neighbors are not harmed by development efforts.

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