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What is a local job?

In 2006 Bi-State Development Corp. became Metro Bus. The Wellston Bus Loop and adjacent property was turned over to the Land Re-utilization Authority, with grant grant money and an historic building designation.  Unfortunately the project has still not been realized, and even small business Bus Loop Burgers

has closed due to building condemnation

Engaging the Community

A promise zone grant for a local business could bring this building back from the brink.....

Or it could disintegrate in to the earth.....

Election New

several million cases of voter fraud is being investigated at the Federal Level

Wellston Bus Loop undergoing a 2 year plan for grass cutting

Delay in store for iconic building?


Coming Events

We shall engage the community to restore our sense of local unity..

We will work towards all common goals of the community. 

Weather Change coming!

For more information or to inquire about cleanup jobs,

please contact

 Development        News

Ward 22 has a land banked inventory of over 500 dilapidated buildings. Having 500 dilapidated buildings and an undisclosed number of overgrown lots is a major issue for the quality of life for the residents of Ward 22.

A Local Job - A local job that benefits the community can be something as basic as a local individual who can walk to a site in his or her neighborhood and earn the standard market pay rate for improving city owned property while also improving their own community.  Local jobs of this type are an obvious benefit to the community can be accommodated as a budget item in any: Standard Grant, City Grant, or Capital Improvement budget.